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Hardstyle hero Headhunterz was at Dutch school Fontys ACE on Wednesday, where he gave an exclusive interview for more than 100 students, mainly from Fontys’ minor Dance Industry. It was one of the first times he spoke to the public about his decision to stop performing soon.

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The return to Tilburg was symbolic. Once, 20 years ago, Willem Rebergen himself studied at Fontys (Rock Academy). He left the training when Scantraxx offered him a recording contract, which led to his big break. And then of course there is his farewell show Up Close and Personal, next month in 013. “I didn’t want AFAS or something, but thought a more intimate location suited this moment better,” says Headhunterz.

Whether the door will be permanently locked or remain ajar after Up Close and Personal, asked interviewer Mark van Bergen, dance journalist and coordinator of the Dance Industry minor. The answer: “I never say ‘never’, who knows what the future will bring. But in any case, for the coming year I want to focus entirely on what I enjoy doing most; make music. That’s something that makes me get out of bed every day with a big smile, without having to get on a plane and travel far first.”

Because in the end it was the many flights that bothered him, the artist said. “It’s really tiring and I often feel alone. I also get homesick more and more quickly.” By stopping touring, Willem hopes to have a more balanced life.

“I feel that we are becoming more and more separated from each other through social media”

Headhunterz also discussed in detail the role of social media, which he gradually grew to dislike. “It can be such a beautiful thing, but I have the feeling that it makes us more and more separated from each other. It seems like people inspire each other on social media, but in the end they are mainly comparing each other’s lifestyle.”

The Q&A was an initiative of Fontys ACE’s Dance Industry minor. HBO students can discover all behind-the-scenes aspects of the electronic music industry for a semester – learning by doing. Check here for more information and to register.


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