By Feije Tinnevelt

Yesterday Intents Festival proudly presented the Sunday, June 3rd, line-up for their 15th anniversary! Like every year, Intents had already teased some of the artists, which let to massive amounts of discussion and speculation. In January the visitors were presented by a small fraction of the complete line-up!

Spoiled for choice

Whether your heart skips a beat while listening to euphoric hardstyle, hit every beat during a raw kickroll solo or want to feel nostalgic at the Relive stage: Intents has got your back! Huge names like Atmozfears vs. Devin Wild, Sound Rush vs. Adrenalize are some of the chosen ones to bring euphoric hardstyle to the mainstage.

Want to get rougher? No problem, just make sure you witness the massive back2back2back set of Warface, Delete and E-Force. Together with Rebelion LIVE, a Roughstate Showcase and Radical Redemption vs. Regain (amongst others) these protagonists of the rawscene will make sure you will get your fair share of raw hardstyle. To make sure the atmosphere at the mainstage never dips, not one, but two MC’s will take on this massive task. MC Villain, the voice of Intents, will share the stage with MC Da Syndrome. 

Making memories

During the fifteen years of Intents Festival-dominance, the hardstyle sound has changed tremendeously. A better moment to look back at all the classics has never been closer!
For everyone who wants to party while feeling nostalgic, the Relive Stage is your place to be. The line-up of this area does not mess around: 2-Sidez, Avio LIVE and Donkey Rollers LIVE are just part of the fine selection.

Musical closemindedness? Get out of here!

Like always, the sunday of Intents Festival is not filled with mere hardstyle. The FVCK GENRES-area makes sure you know what you are getting into. Artists like LNY TNZ, Dyna, Tony Junior and Crisis Era are a perfect representation of the area’s message. Even your daily dose of rap is ready to invade your ears, Jebroer and Lil Kleine will make sure of this.

Crazy, insane and ready to rock

Are you willing to step it up a notch? Do you like it crazy and wild? If you answered “yes!” to all of these questions, get your ass over to the Outrageous! area. Outrageous! is not just an Intents stage, it’s an Intents lifestyle. No visitor will be surprised to learn that e.g. Paul Elstak, Dana and Pat B LIVE will tear down the Outrageous! stage.

Go mental at Dynamite

If even the Outrageous! stage will not satisfy your need for beats, the Dynamite stage will definitely comply. To secure you of the roughest, fastest and best hardcore, Intents and Destructive Tendencies got together to destory! They are responsible to demolish the hardcore area. Ofcourse they will not do this alone, they will get some help. Not only Dr. Peacock, but even Partyraiser and N-Vitral presents: BOMBSQUAD LIVE, to name a few, will appear on stage.

A tad slower, but definitelly interesting

At some point, some need to get out of the sun, get some rest and Intents knows this! just to get some relaxation and enjoy some nice beats and tunes, you can enter the Natural Insanity Beach or the Karnaval Festival Feestcafé. Nouveaubeats, Robert Feelgood and Emas will entertain you on the indoor mainstage. If you want to get close with Dutch music, enter the Feestcafé to witness Dutch legends Henk Dissel and Raymon Hermans giving their all.

Still not convinced Intents Festival 2018 will be insane? Take a quick look over here to see the full line-up!

Pictures via Intents Festival

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