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On May 28th 2016, Q-dance and 10,000 HOURS join forces for the biggest volunteer day in their history: THE PROJEQT. One of our favorite hardstyle DJ’s, B-front is one of THE PROJEQT ambassadors and will be joining 500 volunteers in their challenge to do as much volunteer work as possible to support the most vulnerable youngsters in our society. We spoke with B-front about the previous Q-dance Volunteer Day, THE PROJEQT and the dedication of the hardstyle community.

Bob, last year you’ve joined the Q-dance Volunteer Day for the first time. Why did you decide to participate?
I really enjoy helping others and make people happy. For years I’ve been playing at Q-dance events and I always enjoy working with them, so when they asked me if I wanted to cooperate with 10,000 HOURS (a nonprofit organization that promotes voluntary work in the dance community) for the Q-dance Volunteer Day I instantly said “Yes”.

The day was organized for youngsters with special needs. What was that like for you?
When I was fifteen, I gave soccer training to youngsters with disabilities, so I’ve worked with this group before and it was just as fun as back then. These people want the same things like any one of us, but to do that they need a little help. During the Q-dance day, everyone was so grateful. The youngsters had so much fun, but it was also really nice to offer a helping hand to the staff that works with these kids on a daily basis.

interview b-front hoursThis year Q-dance and 10,000 HOURS team up again for the biggest volunteer day in their history: THE PROJEQT. You’re one of the ambassadors. What can people expect from this day?
That it’s going to be a fun and interesting day! At eight different locations, 500 volunteers we’ll be doing volunteer work at the same time. We’re going to give these vulnerable youngsters an unforgettable experience and give them the attention they deserve. Everyone is the same. Personally I think that ‘giving’ is the most beautiful thing there is and that combined with working together with other dedicated Q-dancers makes it even better.

You mentioned ‘dedication’. What does dedication mean to you?
I think you’re dedicated, when you really live for something and when you do something with your heart and you go for it. Also, I think dedication is the word to describe the hardstyle community.

Can you explain that?
From my experience the hardstyle community is not only dedication to the music, but also to everything else that is related to it. It’s a lifestyle. For example, hardstyle fans wear merchandise. I’ve never seen someone wear a t-shirt with the DJ’s name on it at a house party. I think in this community people really want to belong to something and thrive on that sense of unity. It’s the same dedication that I also expect at THE PROJEQT. We are one at parties but I believe that we can also show that togetherness at events like the volunteer days. Just roll up our sleeves together and help.

b-front interview hoursYou can still register for THE PROJEQT. What would you like to say to the fans in doubt?
Register now! You’re going to have so much fun helping others. There is no better feeling than giving and together we can achieve so much more than alone.

Registration is open till April 20th 2016. Join THE PROJEQT here!

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