Peter de Valck
By Peter de Valck

This weekend Defqon.1 Weekend Festival will once again be the Mecca of the harder styles. For the sixth time in a row Biddinhuizen will be the paradise where 60.000 addicts will unite. For those who aren’t going to Defqon.1; don’t worry…

During the whole weekend you can listen to the best live sets that are being played at the RED, BLUE, UV and BLACK. There are not one, but three live radio streams available at Defqon.1 this year:
• Stream 1: RED/UV stages
• Stream 2: BLACK/BLUE stages
• Stream 3: BEST OF DEFQON.1.

Only in The Netherlands, 30 km around the festival area, you can tune in to Q-dance Radio on 106.2 FM or at Unfortunately there won’t be a video livestream this year. Q-dance confirmed it on their Twitter account.

Check the timetable of Defqon.1 2016 – Dragonblood here and find out when Q-dance will stream the live sets of your favourite artists.

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