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By Bob Ligthart

You probably noticed that the Dutch Duncan Laurence has won the Eurovision Song Contest. This also caught the attention of Mental Theo and because of this he has made a remix of the winning track ‘Arcade’. “Number one, how amazing is that? But not amazing enough of course.”

Mental Theo has made his own version of ‘Arcade’ very fast, since one day after Duncan Laurence won the Eurovision Song Contest, the DJ already posted a video, in which the remix could be heard. “Let me be the first in the Netherlands or in the entire world, who has made a hard version of your track”, said Mental Theo after he congratulated the singer. He asked Duncan Laurence for permission in the video, so he could play his remix on that same evening at Groove Garden Festival.

He’s not the only one who has been busy with a own version of the winning song, since Jay Reeve has also fininshed his bootleg of ‘Arcade’. Earlier, he asked his fans with a poll if he must finish the track and the votes made clear that his fans were looking forward to a full version.

Duncan Laurence’s ‘Arcade’ gets a hard version by Mental Theo

Mental Theo has already played the track at a festival and Jay Reeve has also finished his own version. For video’s of the remix by Mental Theo, go to the Instagram page of the DJ and for Jay Reeve’s bootleg, go to his Facebook page.


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Hate it or love it! Here is my bootleg for the amazing song ‘Arcade’ by Duncan Laurence!🏆 Enjoy! . Download link available on Youtube!

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Photo by Facebook page Mental Theo

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