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By Wouter de Vink

Organization Musical Madness makes Hardstyle Classics fans happy with the largest event in the genre in Germany. During Legacy, the two areas are full of the greatest icons from the golden era, in an easily accessible (and well-known) location.

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Musical Madness continues to build on its excellent reputation. After Into the Madness Festival, APEX and many hostings and club shows, Legacy is now going back to the classics. A first in this movement, because with two stages richly filled with Hardstyle Classics and RAW Classics, Germany has never seen such a large classics event before.

This of course includes leading names and so the organization has a packed Legacy line-up in store. The names of D-Block & S-te-Fan appear at the top of the poster: these founders of countless hits are playing their first and only classics set of the year. You will also find Crypsis, Jones, Malice, Thera, Zatox, Ruffian and many others during the debut of the event: “We pay tribute to the pioneers who built the enduring legacy of Hardstyle.”

Legacy 2023 line-up

D-Block & S-te-Fan (only classics set in 2023)

Code Black
DJ Isaac
DJ Thera
Main Concern
Hosted by Ruffian en MC DL

Also, the location where Legacy will be held will appeal to classics enthusiasts. In addition to the impressive shows and the excellent sound system, the renovated Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen the place to be for those who like the golden records from back in the day. “See you all 29th December to embrace the classics sounds we all love!”

“The Legacy of Hardstyle: Germany’s biggest Hardstyle Classics event is coming your way!”

Legacy will take place on Friday the 29th of December 2023 from 20:00 to 5:00 in the Turbinenhalle in Oberhausen (Germany). For tickets and more information, visit the event’s official website.

Footage taken from website Musical Madness

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