Mark de Rond
By Mark de Rond

About an hour ago Hard Bass posted the next hint about the line-up voor Hard Bass 2019 – The Last Formation, but that’s not all. It looks like Hard Bass is adding a 5th team for the first time in the history of Hard Bass. Would Hard Bass surprise us for the last edition?

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At the end of this teaser it says ‘Phase One completed’, but the progress bar of phase two isn’t completed. Underneath the bar it says “New team incoming”. This message looks to clarify that Hard Bass is adding an extra team for the first time in the history in the GelreDome. “The team assets for our storage module are gathered. However, a crucial part is still missing. Hard Bass would have never reached these levels of success without its unforgettable musical moments. Stay tuned…”, says Hard Bass with this teaser.

Extra team at Hard Bass?

What this team will conclude isn’t clear yet. The full line-up release will take place next monday. Untill that time we can only gamble what Hard Bass is hiding from us.

Photo by website b2s

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