Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

In 2019 the last edition of Hard Bass will take place: The Last Formation. After 10 years, b2s has decided to fill the Gelredome one last time with the unique concept of 4 teams. Now b2s is already giving us hints about the line-up for this special edition.

Team Blue: Wildstylez & Coone?

De first hint about Team Blue was as follows:
Known from: Clubbing to timeless radio music & this true hardstyle legend always pumps up your heartbeat
Keywords: Modest, Bottle, Signature move

According to many, these hints point to Wildstylez. This because of his radio-hit ‘Year of Summer’ and one of his recent releases ‘Heartbeat’.

The second hint might be Coone, who could be performing for the 8th time at the GelreDome.

Team Green: B-Front & We R Hardstyle (Brennan Heart, Code Black, Toneshifterz)?

De first hint about Team Green:
Known from: Always on the edge of realtiy & takes you into the waves of inner creativity
Keywords: Red, Atmosphere, Edge

These hints seem to refer to none other than B-Front, since his album is called Beyond Reality and he released a track ‘Inner Creativity’.

The second hint would be Brennan Heart, Code Black and Toneshifterz as We R Hardstyle.

Team Yellow: Phuture Noize?

De first hint given about Team Yellow was:
Known from: Sculpting a hardstyle society by his own terms & continues to express his burning passion
Keywords: Conceptual, Out of the box

These hints seem to point to Phuture Noize, which of course created his own Black Mirror Society and released the track ‘Fire’.

The second hint would be Sub Zero Project.

Team Red: Delete, Warface & Killshot?

De first hint about the live-act of Team Red:
Known from: The last ones in line & the toughest of the tough ones & a raw independent team existing of VIPs
Keywords: Three, Vigorous, Final

These hints are a little more difficult, but do seem to refer to the trio Delete, Warface en Killshot. This mainly because of the silhouettes in the video, where you can clearly see Delete with his hat. Furthermore, the three men are all part of the label End of Line Recordings.

The second hint would be Rejecta.

“A Message from the Hard Bass Facility“

During this week, b2s will drop more hints about the Hard Bass – The Last Formation line-up, which we will add to this article. Hard Bass will take place the 9th of February 2019 at the Gelredome in Arnhem. Tickets are available via the official website of the event.

Footage via Facebook-page b2s

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