Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

Tomorrow, the very last edition of b2s event Hard Bass will take place. For ‘The Last Formation’ not 4, but 5 teams will come together to bring an ode to this unique concept one more time. Dutch newspaper the Metro talked to Elizabeth from b2s about the decision of ending Hard Bass. 

With a “raw, technical design and loads of industrial elements” the event has grown into a well-known concept for both its artists and its visitors. Even though Hard Bass still knows how to sell out, Elizabeth explains why b2s feels it’s better to quit at this moment in the Metro interview.

“Now it’s still alive and kicking, yet we still want to prevent it from ever bleeding out. It’s a strong and developed concept, but we are always searching for something new and we can’t find it any longer at Hard Bass. So, at one point you have to dare to quit, especially to honor the concept. We are quiting with Hard Bass being at its best.”

“I’ve experienced the whole spectrum of my musical career at Hard Bass”

Also anthem maker Noisecontrollers gave the Metro a little insight in his history with Hard Bass. Many years ago, as a geography teacher, he decided to exchange ‘climates and forests for bass lines and vocals’. In the meantime, Bas got to celebrate a lot of the highlights of his career at Hard Bass.

“Sometimes my emotions still run high, especially in the Gelredome. Together we will close down Hard Bass properly, and we will make sure everyone experiences an unforgettable last edition. We go out with a bang!”

Hard Bass 2019 – The Last Formation will take place tomorrow the 9th of February in the Gelredome. Tickets aren’t available anymore, the event is completely sold out. For everyone who missed out on tickets, Hard Bass will be livestreamed via the official b2s website.

Footage via Facebook-page Hard Bass

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