Juno Coolen
By Juno Coolen

Recently, Dirty Workz brought out that Primefire is added to the DWXAnarchy family by means of a message on their official channels. Previously, Primefire released their tracks on the Gearbox Label. The first single of Primefire on the new label called ‘Fired’ is available online and can be listened to down below.

”Freshly signed Primefire is ready for total devastation. Signed to the Anarchy label, Primefire will bring his very best, starting with “Fired” – his first single on the label.”

Primefire announced earlier that Cyber will only focus on the productions of Primefire and won’t be performing anymore, because he is very busy with his own successful solo-career. They made this decision to fully empower and emphasize the project. It seems that the first step has been made with this announcement.

Primefire is familiar with the current raw scene. The bar was set high with their track ‘The Owlman, which was featured on the Decibel outdoor 2014 CD. Next, tracks such as ‘Get’ya’ & ‘Ignition’ appeared. We haven’t heard much of Primefire lately, till now. We presume that we will hear a lot more of Primefire in the upcoming future.

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