Hard News
By Hard News

For years Psyko Punkz have been using their own vocals to create their tracks. The voice of Wietse, 50% of the duo, is featured clearly in tracks like “We Stay Up”, “Hit the Bong” and “After MF”.

Lately Wietse has been uploading Psyko Vlogs on their Facebook page. The Vlogs take you with them on their journey around the world. A few days ago he decided to freestyle a little. That’s when the idea came up to create an epic lyrics mash-up of all their tracks. Check out the result below.

The tracks that he uses are: Disrespect, Overclippin’, We Stay Up, No Fear, After MF, Dirty Soundz, Rock Ya Attitude, Like A Loco, The Words, Bassboom & Hit The Bong.

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