Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

It was already in the air for a while, but Ran-D was officially announced today as the creator of the Qlimax 2021 anthem. Now it’s really time to count down, because with only one more month to go, it will be time for ‘The Reawakening’.

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After the ‘Immortal’ anthem in 2013 with Gunz For Hire, Ran-D now has his first solo anthem for Qlimax. The most iconic indoor hardstyle event is already sold out and the hardstyle DJ is already looking forward to next month.

“I am proud to have made this years Qlimax anthem together with the talented vocalist Charlotte Wessels”, says Ran-D. “I’ve put everything I know as a producer, Hardstyle addict and Qlimax fan of the first hour, into this track. Hope you can hear and feel all the effort we put into this anthem. I can’t wait to finally play this one at Qlimax the 20th of November in the GelreDome!”

Ran-D ft. Charlotte Wessels – The Reawakening (Qlimax 2021 Anthem): “The sacred sound has been created”

So only one more month left! Ran-D ft. Charlotte Wessels – The Reawakening (Qlimax 2021 Anthem) will be available from tomorrow (Thursday the 14th of October 2021) via all known Q-dance Music platforms (pre-save is already possible). Qlimax is completely sold out and will take place during the day for the first time in history.

Footage taken from Facebook page Qlimax

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