Shenna van der Velden
By Shenna van der Velden

The Scottish guys of Rebelion are in the scene for quite a few years now; they performed at big events as Defqon.1, Supremacy and Intents Festival. But this year, they are responsible for the QAPITAL anthem and they will perform for the third time at the event already. Enough reason to have a conversation with them about their carrier, the anthem and QAPITAL 2019.

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The very first event where Rebelion performed was Gearbox Labelnight Showcase in 2014, and now they have done over 200 performances worldwide. We definitely could say that they are an established name in the scene. During Defqon.1 2016, Rebelion noticed that they were on the rise. “That was the moment we knew we could really push the boundaries of the current sound and do what we loved at the same time. But it was more about providing the audience with a unique experience.”

Rebelion created their own unique sound over the past years. “Sounds cliche, but we don’t try to fit into the scene: we literally make what we feel on that moment. Sometimes this can mean something crazy and sometimes something nice”, Raymond and Gary explain. The music and industry has changed over the years, so we asked Rebelion what they have encountered: “The biggest change we noticed was actually within ourselves, as time goes on our standards constantly raise. Which means that every track must be better than the last.” 

“It really is a dream came true to make the QAPITAL 2019 anthem”

It is a big honor for an artist to create the anthem for big events and this is also the case for Rebelion. “It was something we had hoped for since the beginning: it’s one of our favorite parties & completely fits the atmosphere we try to create. So making the anthem was a huge honor. It’s really a dream come true”, they tell us enthusiastically. There is a big difference between a ‘normal’ track and the anthem. We asked the guys what the process is by making an anthem: We normally make music for ourselves and just hope everyone likes it. But for the anthem, we tried to consider everyone who attends the party & in the end we made something that we are extremely proud of.”

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“Each and every track has to be better than the last one”

2017 was the first time that we could see the Scottish duo at QAPITAL, and they have great memories about this edition. “The moment that sticks out was being on stage and looking down and seeing your friends. Then two seconds later looking down and the stage had moved, was very confusing at first but really cool.” The stage is one thing that is very unique about QAPITAL, but that is not all, also the show is next level, says Rebelion. “Of course the Ziggo Dome really makes the experience more epic.” 

Needless to say that Rebelion has big plans for their set at QAPITAL. “We have really worked hard to bring a lot of new music, which covers the whole spectrum of what we feel is the next level of Rebelion.” Also they are aiming for even more this year… We never stop: even when we are successful with something we are already looking to the next step, so we will continue this. See ye soon ya bunch eh dafties!”

QAPITAL will take place at Saturday 6 April in 2019 in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. For tickets and more information, go to the official website of Q-dance. 

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