Stan Klein Gunnewiek
By Stan Klein Gunnewiek

Qapital is one of the biggest events when it comes to the rawer edge of Hardstyle, the size of the Ziggo Dome makes it perfect to host this event. The smaller rooms in the Ziggo Dome really have that club-ish vibe while the main room is really massive, which gives that colossal vibe you have in the GelreDome as well. Q-dance decided to program a third room this year for the first time. It shows that the demand for raw hardstyle keeps on growing.

qapital timetable


Outbreak has proven to be one of the big names in the scene with “Bassface”, his massive collab with Digital Punk called “Prison of Commercializm” and his upcoming release called “Brain Smacker”. As he had to open on the mainstage, he dove into the crates looking for the old tunes that people asked him to play on Facebook. His set turned out to be one of the best of the night, the build up from these classics to his sound of 2015 got everyone ready for the night!

Sub Sonik

We decided to check Sub Sonik in the second room, which you could only reach by taking the elevator from the first floor. The second room used to host the up & coming acts really felt like entering a club within the Ziggo Dome, packed with an epic atmosphere! He played loads of epic tracks, which drove the crowd to their maximum energy potential. His own track “Go F*ck Yourself” really wrecked up the room, it’s my favourite of his set!


Luckily we were back in time for Ran-D, one of the sets that we definitely wanted to witness! In the car on our way to the Ziggo Dome we were talking about how Ran-D would open and how pumped we were to hear the Defqon.1 Anthem in its full glory. His set contained nearly the entire “Firestarter E.P.”, an edit for “Kings of The Underground” and the new Gunz for Hire track called “May God Be With You All”.


Starting his set off with an edit for Showtek’s “FTS” did not make any difference, E-Force saw, came and conquered with maximum RAWness! One of the highlights for me personally was the Anthem Ceremony, the show that was made for the anthem was really stunning from the entrance side of the Ziggo Dome. His set featured multiple Freakz At Night tracks, including the remix for “Samara” by Noisecontrollers. “Seven” could of course not miss out on such an evening, everyone screamed along and went nuts on the #1 track of 2014!


A man who unfortunately had to cancel his set at Qapital last year was back in full glory, “De Sloper” proved that he deserved this spot with a very diverse set. We noticed the track “Gangsta” by the upcomer Unresolved and Solutio posted a video of his track “Retaliation”. Adaro is always in for new sounds, such as the above, but does not mind playing the most beloved tracks like “Answers” and “Das Weite Land” where everybody screams along!


Titanomachy LIVE

Witnessing this beast tear the dome apart was the second edition of “Titanomachy” for me, and I must say: “Wow!” Titan(omachy) his set really was one that stood out, the new collab with Jack of Sound ,“Deamon”, was really impressive. It was cool to see how much fun and energy they can have on stage.

Radical Redemption

The man that needs no further introduction played another stunning set at Qapital. His high anticipated track “Die Bitch” was previewed on Saturday morning, to get everyone hyped for Qapital! He played several Minus Militia tracks, including my personal favourite “Street Regulator” a lot of new solo tracks including “Die Bitch”.

Warface & Luna

What seemed like a lethal combination turned out to be exactly that! Every last bit of energy that you had left was drained from your body, you could see people giving their all despite of them being totally exhausted. QAPITAL 2015 was an excellent edition and we can’t wait to find out what next year has in store for us!


  • Geluid90%
  • Stage90%
  • Sfeer100%
  • Eten & drinken80%
  • Locatie80%



QAPITAL 2015 was an excellent edition and we can’t wait to find out what next year has in store for us!

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