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By Hard News

Shellshock, the Scottish duo that has been signed to Fusion Records for some time now, has decided to part ways. Ross & Geordie each revealed to have different visions on Hardstyle. That’s why they decided to go on with their musical careers as individuals. Geordie did the following announcement:

“From this point onwards Geordie shall continue the Shellshock project alone – he will carry on making challenging and original hardstyle, the same way he always has.

Ross has decided to create a new act, under the alias Apaxx and will follow his passion for raw music. He made his name spinning seriously raw hardstyle, so, in the near future, expect some deadly new material. More info shall follow in time.”

So Geordie will continue with the alias Shellshock and Ross has started a new Raw Hardstyle alias, called Apexx. We’re very curious what both gentlemen will bring in the near future.

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