Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

Malice, the Italian raw hardstyle act consisting of Davide & Aleandro, has earned quite some fans in a short period of time. With their extreme kicks they are loved by many who don’t know the words “Too loud”. The Gearbox duo has performed at Ground Zero last year and also at Loudness in the beginning of 2016. But that’s not all, because this year they will perform at many more, like Decibel outdoor for instance.

People that aren’t too familiar with Malice yet can check out a sample below. It’s from the track ‘Aggressive Acts’ which they made with Rooler. We have to warn you though, because these kicks are not for the faint-hearted.

So things are going pretty well for this relatively new act, but a couple of days ago weird messages started to appear on their Facebook page. The name and pictures changed into Larbi Matador, whatever that means and suddenly all their posts got deleted. To make matters worse the page suddenly disappeared and got deleted entirely. They had been hacked.

Obviously this is terrible news for the duo, because they had built up quite the fanbase with their page. That took a lot of time and work, which all seems to be for nothing. Let’s hope they can rebuild soon and fans will quickly follow their new page.

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