Juno Coolen
By Juno Coolen

The organisation of Tomorrowland announced the names of the hostings and stages. The event takes place over two weekends. The hostings and stages of both weekends differ from each other, but the harder styles are well represented on Tomorrowland.

The first weekend, Footworxx, Pussy Lounge Q-dance & TSOB will provide the roughest sounds on Tomorrowland. Also, a hardcore hosting still needs to be announced. Q-dance is a known and trusted hardstyle hosting on Tomorrowland for years now.

The second weekend there is room for Coone And The Gang and a newcomer namely Loudness next to Q-Dance and Pussy Lounge. This means that it will be the first time that there will be a raw hosting on Tomorrowland.16177834_10154544627849177_8637790484726319070_oThe tickets of the event are extremely wanted. The demand for tickets is much higher than they can offer. This is why you have to pre-register to have a chance of purchasing a ticket. The event is always sold-out in no time. Tomorrowland tries to meet with the high demand of tickets by adding an extra weekend to Tomorrowland. The first tickets will be available tomorrow.

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