Bob Ligthart
By Bob Ligthart

To make the experience of The Qontinent even more intense this year, the biggest harder styles festival of Belgium will launch a world premiere: a real 3D mainstage!

Special 3D glasses are necessary for the ultimate experience and that’s why every visitor gets a pair on the way in at the festival.

“We recommend everybody to put on their glasses when they are standing in front of the mainstage, otherwise the experience will be a bit flat”, according to the organization. Those who buy their tickets today, will also get a pair of stereo earplugs for an even more intense sound experience.

The ultimate 3D experience at the mainstage of The Qontinent

The Qontinent will take place on the 9th of August until the 11th at the recreation domain Puyenbroeck in Wachtebeke, which is half an hour from Antwerp. For tickets and information, go to the official website of The Qontinent.

April Fools :)

The Qontinent 3d

Photo by Facebook page The Qontinent

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