Juno Coolen
By Juno Coolen

At the beginning of this year, Deetox announced that she will be more active and that she has many new solo tracks and collabs coming up. She announced on Facebook that she’ll collaborate with the guys of Sound Rush. Despite her rough sounds, she doesn’t back down from melodies and euphoric tracks. Sound Rush predicts: ”Best Of Both Worlds”.

Deetox already collaborated with Cyber for example. According to Deetox herself, the collab with the Swiss is coming very soon. Short audio fragments showed that both styles of Deetox & Cyber are represented in the collab. The crowd really seemed to like the track and they can’t wait for its release date.

Deetox didn’t release much lately, because of several different reasons. She’s going to change that and she currently has planned more collabs and some solo’s, under which a great project. She also has contact with Regain about a possible collab this year. We can expect a lot more from her this year.

Jeroen & Martijn Boeren, or Sound Rush, impressed the scene lately, partly because of their remix of the track ‘Project One’ which got played by the legendary duo at Qlimax. The crowd loved the track of the twins. Currently, they’re also responsible for the Hard With Style podcast, on which they released their first episode. Lastly, they want to go back to their roots of hardstyle with their music. We’ll be hearing much from this duo.

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