Nina van Zelst
By Nina van Zelst

The Italian duo Malice will come out with a brand new debut album tomorrow: The Extreme. The men from Gearbox Digital of course needed quite some inspiration for this album. Via their Instagram, they have announced how they find it.

The album will be presented tomorrow during The Extreme – Malice Album Release Party in the North Sea Venue in Zaandam, during the Amsterdam Dance Event. After a month of releasing previews from the album, they have now posted 20 tracks already. Malice were therefore in need of a lot of inspiration.

Is this where the ping pong-kicks come from?

Now Malice has finally revealed the tricks of the trade: it seems ‘where the magic happens’ is not only in the studio, but also in the other booth of daily activities. The picture underneath shows that this is an inexhaustible source for inspiration.

Footage via Youtube Gearbox Digital en Reddit

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