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Theracords has been very busy lately: not only did they bring a lot of new music to the table, not only did they have their own hosting at for example Origins, they also stepped their virtual game up. The label launched their new website today. This way, the music produced from the heart gets a look that’s way more modern. Their new website gives followers the chance to get a lot of cool extra’s: wallpapers, live-sets and free releases are available via this platform.

A breath of fresh air for Theracords

Because not everyone is reached via social media, either because of algorithms or because followers are not present at every platform, Theracords has decided to freshen up their online presence. In the world of hardstyle a few artists have already made the switch to a comparable website (Headhunterz, Audiotricz and Frequencerz). However, Theracords takes the cake as for musiclabels. They are the first label to walk this road.

Brandnew website revealed

Get’s get back to those extra’s, because that’s music to the ears of us, dedicated fans. Through this new website, you’ll get access to exclusive news, releases and in the near future you’ll be able to win meet & greets. This is all within hand’s reach by simply signing up to the website. Luckily you won’t have to remind yet another password: an account can be created with your Facebook-account. This way you can get deeper into the Theracords-family. When you want to be adopted by the family, you can drop your demo at the site as well.

The real family feeling is the core of the site. To further emphasise this feeling, you can get access to a chatgroup, together with the Theracords-artists. You won’t get any closer to your heroes than this!

The new website can be visited here.

images via Facebook-page of Theracords

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