Leonie Schott
By Leonie Schott

The indoor season is in full spate and since most ravers are cut from the same cloth, a range of typical phrases can be heard on the dancefloor. Some of them are so well known and often used that all conversation partners already know they’re not true the same moment they’re outspoken. These are the lies, every regular harder styles raver has already heard.

“This is the list of DJs I’m going to see”

There’s always that one, well-planned friend who puts the timetable in an Excel document, with the DJ marked who he wants to witness that night. “I can’t miss any of these, have you seen the previews in the Instagram Story!”, tries to convince not only the person self but also the rest of the group. While maybe the first few hours the plan is going well, a few beers after the Excel timetable is kind of forgotten and deeply hidden in the trouser’s pockets.

“Tonight I’ll take it easy!”

Every ones knows friends who love to drink so much they just can’t pace themselves. Some may have experienced blackouts and say they want to keep all the memories this time, some say to have an important appointment the week after,… but in the end the range of reasons can be just as diverse as the diversity of drinks this person has inside after the event.


The one who says to not spend money on drinks that night

“I’m so broke, I have to save money and actually firstly survive this month. I’m not gonna spend money on drinks inside!”, states this person with the beer can in the hand before the event. But after the first drink is finished and “one more beer doesn’t make a difference” later, all good intentions are quickly thrown overboard. When the first look is taken on the account balance on the Monday after the event, “of course the organisation is at fault, because of their tricky token system. Next time sober, for sure!”¬†

“Wait for me here, I’ll be back in a second…”

Doesn’t matter how good the intentions are when saying this sentence, there’s probably not one single person in the scene who didn’t use this lie yet. Pumping in a friend or beautiful stranger and therefor simply forgetting the actual mission, waiting in line for like hours or, maybe the most common occurrence: getting lost in a see of ravers and just not finding back – this lie is the absolute classic!


The friend who actually “won’t go to an after party after the event”

Because partying for hours is not enough for most ravers and the night (or morning) is too young to end, there’s always the option for an after party. But not for the exhausted people who need their beauty sleep – they think. Even the strongest sake can’t withstand the persuasiveness of a motivated crowd on their mission of throwing the ultimate after party, which often eventually leads to “since I’m here, I can also go all out.”

“This time I’m leaving the party punctually to find my bus in time”

Since many ravers often travel with the same bus company, the bus leader knows his “sheep” and advises unreliable persons to please appear at the meeting point after the event on time. But a “We leave you there!”,¬†doesn’t help as a warning when a drunk and lost raver simply can’t find the right bus in between hundreds of others, so at the end the whole bus again has to wait for that crazy person. Why all other people in the bus always find it on time, will forever be a miracle…


“Next year, I’ll REALLY reduce my festival list”

The same kind of person like the one who doesn’t want to go to the after, but ends up there anyway. “I have to stop spending all my cash on festivals, I’m growing up and need my money and time for other things”, is what a friends group often gets to hear. Until this harder styles lover realizes once again that this music and festivals are exactly what they need.

Footage via Facebook page The Qontinent

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