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There is nothing like experiencing high-powered Hardcore in the beautiful open air at Almere Strand in Almere, NL! Imagine being overwhelmed by that hands in the air, lose your mind feeling alongside a beautiful lake while basking in the beautiful sunshine! Sound good? Well that’s the Hardshock Mainstage experience that’s awaiting you at Hardshock Festival 2017! Come experience our MASSIVE open-air stage by the sandy beach while brothers in beats Thrasher and Deathmachine do their best to tear it to the ground with their sick sound as ‘Thrashmachine’! Ready to completely lose it? ‘Brutale’ is the not-to- miss crew for that injection of energy or how about jumping up and down to the madness that the ‘Footworxx Militant crew’ have to offer?! Who are they? Come and find out! Check here the full line-up of Hardshock Festival 2017.
Early Bird Tickets [SOLD-OUT] Discount Tickets [SOLD-OUT] Regular Tickets: €49,50 [ex. Fee] Buy NOW @ www.hardshockfestival.com

The sale of Hardshock merchandise is ON FIRE! We are SO looking forward to seeing you all going mental in Almere for the next edition of Hardshock Festival rocking out and representing the TRUE HARDCORE festival with your merch! Be part of the 100% HARDCORE ONLY crew! You want it, and we got it right here: www.hardshockmerchandise.com. See you there for your 100% Hardcore & harder experience on April 15th, 2017!

Facebook Event: http://bit.ly/hardshock-2017
Merchandise: www.hardshockmerchandise.com
Endshow 2016: http://bit.ly/hsf-show- 2016
Aftermovie 2016: http://bit.ly/hsf-movie- 2016
Livesets 2016: www.soundcloud.com/hardshock
Travels & Tickets: www.hardshockfestival.com
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