Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

We had to wait way too long for it, but last weekend REBiRTH Festival was finally able to kick off the most beloved season again. We spoke to the visitors during this kick-off, with more than 170 artists and 15 areas spread over the whole weekend!

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REBiRTH Festival is finally back and we knew it. Because yes, we have to miss this kick-off of the festival season for so long, but in the meantime the organization has lifted the entire weekend to a higher level. With a more extensive campsite, a big line-up and brand new stages such as the uptempo!

How did it feel for the visitors of REBiRTH to finally be allowed to go outside again? We spoke to you about the start of the season and what it all means for you. Check out the full video below!

The festival season has FINALLY started! What did you think of REBiRTH Festival?

Don’t want to miss the next edition of REBiRTH Festival? Be quick, because ticket sales start next Thursday (April 14) and you can win big prizes. Also, don’t forget to put REAWAKE on your calendar on July 10th!

Footage taken from Facebook page REBiRTH Festival

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