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By Hard News

Known for both his dark sounds and uplifting spirit, B-Front is a true icon in the hardstyle scene. On the 30th of January we will join him and the artists he worked with for the honoring of this crowd favorite.

The Heineken Music Hall, the perfect fit for pure hardstyle sounds, will form the setting for the journey through his career. It will be a true rollercoaster ride with B-front as the hardstyle conductor.

• B-Front
• 2-Sidez
Luna & Jones
• A2 Records: B-Front, Adaro (special A2 set), Digital PunkAlpha²
• B-frontliner
• Fusion Records: B-FrontZanyDonkey RollersThe Pitcher
• Roughstate: B-FrontRan-DB-Freqz
• B-Front & High Voltage
• Nosferatu
Hosted by Mc DV8 & MC Nolz & MC Da Syndrome

• DJ Dragan & Main & Dweazle
• Prefix & Density
• Dark Pact
• Phuture Noize
• Requiem
• Degos & Re-Done
Hosted by MC Dash

Ticket sales start November 21st at 13:00 (CET) on Q-dance.com.

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