Timo van Dommelen
By Timo van Dommelen

Since 2015, The RED stage (mainstage) on Sunday at Defqon.1 Festival is traditionally being opened by the ‘Defqon.1 Legends’. During this hour three legends, who each earned their stripes in the hardstyle scene, will take the stage. Old tracks that everybody loves and new tracks which are the party starters of today will be played during this magical hour. In one word, amazing.

In 2015 the honour of Defqon.1 Legends fell to Noiseocontrollers, Wildstylez and DJ Isaac. These men are all well-known pioneers within the scene and even made some Defqon.1 anthems themselves. In 2016 Technoboy, The Prophet and the one and only Headhunterz formed the Defqon.1 Legends. Headhunterz on-stage at Defqon.1 festival might have been the biggest surprise of the year.

This year, Q-dance celebrates the 15-year anniversary of Defqon.1 Festival. In honour of this milestone Q-dance decided to do something special. That’s why this year there won’t be one, but three hours of Defqon.1 Legends during ‘The Closing Ceremony’ at Defqon.1 Festival.

defqon-15-jaar“The Closing Ceremony on Sunday holds a special feature that promises to become a solid landmark in hardstyle history. It’s been fifteen years since hardstyle began its rise to power and Defqon.1 claimed a place at its epicenter. In the course of three full hours, the Legends of old and new will take you on a unique journey through our deep-rooted legacy. These are the very artists that are inseparable from the tradition and represent the musical creed that we all live by.” This statement was given by Q-dance on their official website.

One thing is certain, Q-dance knows how to build up our expectations. Are we going to see different legends every hour? Will every anthem maker from the past show his face on-stage? All we can do is wait and make guesses for what Q-dance has in store for us during the 15-year anniversary of Defqon.1 Festival.

Photo’s: Q-dance


  • Marx 09 March 2017 - 06:45

    Did you read what they wrote? “Legends of old and new”. This isn’t about a 3H “DQ.1 Legends” set. This is just the Closing Ceremony. They just entitled the other DJ’s as Legends as well.


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