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In a renewed user agreement between Provincial Domain de Schorre Boom and event organisation ID&T both parties agreed to make Tomorrowland a double weekender until at least 2033. Tomorrowland is known worldwide as one of the biggest and leading festivals in the dance scene. Since years it sells out within minutes and that success had led to the wish of organiser ID&T to retain Tomorrowland as a double weekender for the next editions.

Currently the new user agreement is being discussed at the provincial council. Within this council the political parties of sp.a, N-VA and CD&V are in favour of the renewed agreement, which means that the chances of the agreement being approved are high. In the agreement is stated that Tomorrrowland will take place in the last two weekend of July. The old agreement merely stated that a double weekender could only be held in the event of a lustrum edition, which meant that could only happen every five years. The renewed agreement replaces that with a double weekender on a yearly basis. The only political party that doesn’t want to agree on the expansion to two weekenders immediately is the PVDA. They say they want to protect the interests of local residents and the environment and want to discuss the plan first with people in the area.

Harder styles
Since years Tomorrowland also expanded it’s harder styles programme. Next to Q-Dance, which was a host since the beginning, nowadays you can find hostings by among others Loudness, Pussy Lounge and Footworxx. With the expansion to two weekenders every year, chances are big that fans of the harder styles will be served a solid programme as well. Because of the new yearly double weekends chances are that getting your ticket for one of the most wanted festivals in the world will become a lot easier.

Source: HLN

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