Laurens van Beers
By Laurens van Beers

Recently the brand-new act War Force, consisting of Warface and E-Force, was revealed through their Facebook channels. There had already been rumors about this act prior to its announcement, mainly because both guys played new stuff during their recent performances and they promised they weren’t solo tracks.

Yesterday at Dominator 2016 the visitors received a booklet at the end of the festival and it contained an interview with War Force, about their rise and plans for the future. In the interview they stated that the idea arose when fans asked for a new act with Warface and E-Force combined for the closing set of a certain event. This got them thinking, because they had never worked in the studio before. Once they made the track ‘Disphoria’ for the second Warface album they were sure they could do much more.

Last week a new trailer appeared which revealed that War Force would have their first performance at Supremacy 2016. You can find the full line-up here. The guys had big news about this event, because they’re proud to announce that War Force has made the official Supremacy 2016 anthem. “We have the honour to produce this year’s Supremacy anthem. If you paid attention to our sets you probably heard that we played it for the very first time. It’s became a really awesome track and we’re over the moon with the result!”

But that’s not the only news that they revealed, because they’re planning to finish 12/13 War Force tracks for their first performance. Besides that they will also perform at three other events this year.

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