Hard News
By Hard News

D-Sturb is a name that can’t be ignored nowadays. His rough releases on Gearbox have been supported by many big artists such as Delete, Regain and of course Warface.

After the album ‘The Nine Circles’ Warface definitely didn’t decide to take it easy for a while. He released numerous tracks afterwards, released his own documentary recently and started a project, called ‘The Remix Project’. This project includes four artists who have each made a remix of one of his earlier releases. One of these artists is D-Sturb. Jorrit Popkema made a remix of Menace, a collaboration between Warface and Frequencerz.

During their performances the crowd went completely wild whenever they decided to play the track. One month ago the two guys announced they were working on a collab together and now Warface and D-Sturb combine their strengths in the studio again. One thing is certain: kickrolls everywhere!

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