Bas van Herk
By Bas van Herk

An interesting Facebook-message was posted by Warface recent Tuesday. In this post he mentioned his productions of the last few years and ended with the following text: ”2017: …”. The meaning of this message is yet obscure with us.

Ofcourse we’re all hoping for a brand new Warface album. Youri played various new tracks during his acts this year. Many of these have been released, such as ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ and ‘Criminal Intentions’ with Hard Driver. Also ‘Watch Your Back’ together with Rooler and Malice will be released very soon. Next, there are a few tracks of which the release date is still unknown. So, that’s why we created a list of tracks for you that might be featured on the next album. Check out the tracks and don’t hesitate clicking on it to view a preview:


Expectations are that the album will be dedicated to his show ‘Heavy Artillery’. He launched this act at Q-Base 2016 with the use of a completely new outfit. Youri played new tracks and even remixed some older ones. After this he performed his show several times at festivals such as Hardfest, RAWdefinition Outdoor and ofcourse Intents festival. An album dedicated to this live act would be a pretty cool memory of his show in our opinion.

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