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Dancefair took place on Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd of February in Utrecht. Wildstylez announced that he is working on an album and he invited several people to an exclusive showcase at Dancefair.

People start to enter the room and Joram (Wildstylez) greets them all personally, including a little chat. It’s been fairly quiet around Wildstylez lately, but the album explains all of that. This presentation offered an exclusive look (or listen) into several of the album tracks.

Right after the start of the presentation the first beats sound from the speakers. The build-up sunds like a typical EDM track, but after the drop the track transforms in something a lot harder. The second track that he premieres is a ‘typical hardstyle track’. It has a very nice melody. Unfortunately the sound system was very weak so the track couldn’t really live up to its potential in the room.

The third track that he made us listen to didn’t take him long to produce. The track wasn’t properly mixed yet, but because of the bad sound system it didn’t really matter. This track really pounds from the start and sounds a lot like the productions that Wildstylez released five years ago. After this track the presentation moved to a different room with a much better sound system.

The track that he played after this was a new track with Brennan Heart with the same singer as ‘Lose My Mind’ has. The vocals sound good and catchy and are a perfect addition to the track. The next track has a certain ‘trance-like’ intro. After the drop, which starts very quickly, the track transforms into a much harder track. However, the trance-feeling returns during the breaks.

After that he plays a new track together with Audiotricz. The track has a BPM of 130. It’s something which is ‘not-done’ in the hardstyle scene, but despite the low BPM, the track sounds amazing. Wildstylez pauses the track and asks everyone in the room about their opinion on the tracks. He listen very closely to all the (positive) feedback from the crowd.

After the feedback he plays another vocal track. This time it contains a female voice, that makes the somewhat standard track a lot better. Wildstylez explains that he performs abroad for about 80% of the times. This is the main reason for him to divert his way of producing. He deliberately chooses not to go faster than 148 BPM with his tracks. Joram likes tracks that he can also listen to at home.

It was an interesting meeting with a lot of new and cool music, but Joram also gave us the time to give him some feedback on the new tracks. We can’t wait for the album to be released!

Text: Bas Nelen

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