Door Feije Tinnevelt

Caine, aka ‘The Hardstyle Viking’ heeft zich nog sneller dan dat z’n baard groeit omhoog weten te werken in de scene. Sinds hij vorig jaar tekende bij de Theracords familie ging het allemaal erg snel. Steeds vaker is deze brute Schot te zien op een Nederlands podium, dus mensen beginnen zich af te vragen welke magische krachten zijn baard bezit.

Tijd om Greig Bowles eens te onderwerpen aan een vragenvuur!

How has the recent boost in bookings affected your social life?
It has affected it tremendously! I’d usually just sit in and work on music or go out and have a casual bottle of Buckfast with my mates in my home town but now I’m on the go most weekends and travelling all over the place. I really can’t complain!

What has been the best experience after signing with Theracords music wise ?
Music wise, I think for me was getting to play at Defqon.1! I’ve been working towards playing there since I was a teenager and it’s happened and all over and done with now, crazy!

On your YouTube channel you have a rather euphoric remix of Galantis. Was this an experiment, or is this something we can expect in the future as well?
It was just something I felt like doing at the time and I had no label or “brand” at the time. I do like to produce “Euphoric”. As much as I love the hard pounding Raw kicks, It needs to be combined with a really nice melody in there too!

Which of your tracks are you the most proud of and why?
I’m actually proud of most of the work I’ve brought out so far! but I think one I’m very proud of is “Saviour” I produced that track and pretty much finished it in one night, at that particular time I had been having a really difficult time in my life and all my feels at that time went straight into that track, “Music produced from the Heart”.

Why did you choose to release your album the way you did? As Thera mastered it, we can imagine that you guys were already talking about signing to Theracords. Why did you not wait?
Haha, this story… Well, the album was just a nice idea to raise money for charity and get all my old tracks out of the way as a lot of the tracks weren’t release worthy on a label of that size so I thought it’s better to have them out there and raise a little for charity. I then ended up getting a Crypto wall virus (Google it if you wanna know about it) and it ruined all my files/projects so I couldn’t even edit or remix them! So Thera done his best to make them better quality and I released it as it was! And yea, by this time I had made the decision to join Theracords!

On Facebook you seem to be a huge clown with your selfmockery and such, however, your music is pretty rough. Is the facebook presentation a release for your clowny personality?Hahaha, thanks! Yea, really it is. Us DJ’s are humans too and to put it politely, I’m a fucking idiot. The “professional” look on social media just doesn’t work and it isn’t for me at all. It seems that people love how I come across online and it’s the exact same way I am in person so it all works perfectly for me. I simply just don’t give a fuck m8.

Well, I do actually give a fuck, I’m actually a very nice guy too aside from the stupidity and hilarity, hahaha.

What are your goals musicwise ?
My goals are simple really, keep producing the music I love and hope that my fans will keep supporting it and I can keep spreading my music globally and to keep this up as a career!

Which dj would you like to have a collab or a masterclass/private session in the studio with?
I can’t give one answer to this but a B-Front or Radical Redemption collab without a doubt would be a dream come true! And a masterclass with the master Headhunterz would be a dream too but there’s so many more producers I’d love to work with!

Do you think and if so how, that your music might be an influence for other producers?
I actually have no idea if it is! I know that personally when I was starting out that I had many influences from other producers so it could be possible that there are producers influenced by my music!

In which way do you think the Hardstyle community is different to other genres?
I truthfully don’t think there is any other genre on this planet with a community as dedicated as the Hardstyle scene! We’re a crazy bunch of people!

What is your favorite track of the moment/of all time and why?
Of the moment? Well… it’s definitely NOT an Unresolved track LMAO, No but seriously, I think one of my favorites at the moment is ‘Destructive Tendencies & Warface – Release the Kraken’ and ‘Delete – Genocide’ sounds INSANE! And all time, I really cannot answer that one, there’s so much good music out there! Maybe ‘Aqua – Barbie Girl’ or ‘DJ Otzi – Hey Baby!’ Fuckin’ tunes m8.

What festival would you NEVER want to play as a dj?
T in the Park. I’ll say no more, hahaha!

This year, you have played at Defqon.1, have you ever been there as a visitor before and what did you expect?
Yes I did and that was 100% my best experience behind the decks so far, the crowd were fucking insane! I have been twice as a visitor 2013 and 2015! I expected nothing less than what it was, a fucking insane and amazing festival!

If music doesn’t work out for you, or you lose interest, what would your profession be?
Well music will work out for me and I’ll never lose interest, I’ll make sure of that! Hahaha, no I always said I’d like to be a fitness instructor or something along those lines!

And lastly: When is the Caine Beardlotion you spoke about in the Future Of Hardstyle hitting the stores? it’s been a while, man!
Hahaha, I’m certain this can actually be a thing at some point! Snap backs and flags are a thing of the past m8, bring on the beard oil!

No, thank you and thanks for the continuous support guys! Xo