Hard News
Door Hard News

Years have past since they stood up in the industry.
By combining their strengths, they created unprecedented Soundwaves.
Many try to meet their level of expertise, but they Never Come Close to it.
Now, it is finally time to reveal their true potential to the world

On one hand, there is Prefix, the Brain of the duo. Carefully planning and sculpting his productions to create overwhelming atmospheres. On the other hand, there is Density, the Brutal one.
He lets his fists do the talking, and brings the power and thoughness to their sound. Combined, these two artists form a perfect synergy, making them capable to deliver the most powerful productions and energy-draining live performances.

Brain meets Brutal comes with a brand new look for the duo, next level productions and a completely revamped stage performance.

Witness this new shape of Prefix & Density for the first time ever on Saturday April 11th on Rebirth Festival 2015