Laurens van Beers
Door Laurens van Beers

Psyko Punkz bracht onlangs nog zijn album Wietse uit, wat natuurlijk tot grote vreugde moest leiden. Helaas werd hij een week geleden opgenomen in het ziekenhuis, met hevige pijn en hoge koorts.

“Dear fans, earlier this week I informed you that I had to stay in the hospital due to stomach problems

unfortunately my situation haven’t got any better in the past few days and they even brought me to another hospital for better care. Yesterday a CT scan showed that I have an infection on my pancreas and as a result, I have to stay here so they can monitor me. I Am in a lot of pain as my blood inflammatory is way to high and i have around 40Celsius fever constantly.

This means sadly enough that I won’t be performing at Decibel Outdoor this weekend.

For now I need my rest to recover, and hopefully I will be back home after this weekend.

Thank you all for your sweet messages. I have read them all and I really appreciate it! It gets me through these f*ckedup painful days.

Have a great weekend at Decibel Outdoor and please party hard for me as well. Can’t wait to be back out there with you guys.


psyko punkz hospital
Laten we hopen dat hij snel geneest en weer op het podium kan verschijnen. Beterschap Wietse!