Break of Dawn

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From the shadows rises a new collective a dynamic duo, from two different worlds united by a common goal: to shake the foundations of the world of the Harder Styles with their superpowers. Through the powers of shifting shapes and bending time, this creative collective will stop at nothing to rise to the top of the Harder Styles. They are brave, cunning, and through their teamwork, they are ready to reach new heights. They are.. Break of Dawn.

Hailing from two opposite sides of The Netherlands, their paths crossed when their passion for the Harder Styles brought them together. Realizing what they could achieve if they joined forces, they started to work on their craft, patiently, diligently, and quietly, waiting for the right moment to unleash their musical power on the world. Now, the time has come to experience the full potential of these two musical masterminds; a true Harder Styles project, balancing euphoric and raw elements, with a focus on drive and the utmost quality.

In the next step of their journey, Break of Dawn are becoming part of Art of Creation: Eternity. This collective is formed of nothing but the most promising minds in the Harder Styles, and it is a place Break of Dawn will call home. Armed with the power of the collective, Break of Dawn is unstoppable.