Proto Bytez

  • Naam Jorick van Rijs & Patrick Visser
  • Land Nederland
  • Verjaardag 16 maart & 13 juni
  • Label Scantraxx
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Jorick van Rijs, born on March 16 1992, lives in Zeewolde. At the age of 14 he was really interested in ‘dance’ music. Through his curiosity in the technology behind the music, he began to find out how he could also produce music. In the beginning he started to produce dance and jump music, but made a switch to the hardstyle scene. In early 2011, he and Patrick decided in 2011 together to form a duo called Proto Bytez.

Patrick Visser, born on June 13 1989, lives in Harderwijk (NL). He visits hardstyle party’s since early 2006. When he met Jorick in 2010, his interest in producing hardstyle started to grow. Before he knew they were producing tracks together. In early 2011, Jorick and he decided together to form a duo called Proto Bytez.