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b2s starts 2016 with a bang by hosting a new edition of Hard Bass on January 23. The line-up is finger-licking good and the event will be the home of 25.000 hardstyle fans. Are you still hesitating if you should go? Let us convince you why you can’t miss this with the following 10 reasons!

1. The very first performance of NCBM
ncbm bass modulators noisecontrollers
At the end of 2014 the preview of “Rocked Up”, a collaboration between Noisecontrollers & Bass Modulators, appeared on the internet. All three gentlemen did extremely well that year, so this new track had to be something briljant. People absolutely loved it and even though they admitted not to be forming a new live-act we knew it wouldn’t be long before they gave in to the temptation. A few months after “Rocked Up” they surprised the hardstyle scene with their hit-track “Solar”, which quickly became the track of the summer of 2015. 1+1=3 and the NCxBM formula was born.

In a recent interview the three gentlemen admitted to be focusing on their new act and promised to bring new material soon. When the line-up of Hard Bass 2016 was revealed things became clear, you just can’t afford to miss this premier. They will take the fans on a ride, filled with intense moments and euphoria.

2. Gunz for Hire are bringing their new #NoMercy show
gunz for hire g4h no m ercy
After performing abroad for quite some time the sinister duo Gunz for Hire returns to Holland once again with a brand-new exclusive show. On January 23 they will strike down in the GelreDome for their biggest performance with #NoMercy to date.

You can expect a lot of new tracks, an overwhelming show, including a special movie with famous Dutch actors for the intro and outro of the act, and 30 minutes of dangerous dancing. You have been warned by them; “Plata O Plomo”.

3. The GelreDome offers enough room for 25.000 visitors
gelredome arnhem
The GelreDome is an enormous stadium designed specifically to be able to host big events. The venue has the possibility to move the entire football field outside (yes, you’re reading this correctly) in order to make way for a floor able to provide 25.000 visitors the night of their lives. Hard Bass is sold-out each year, so they need all the space they can get.

It can get pretty crowded at the beginning of the event, but you’ll have to realise that you’re not the only one who was looking forward to this event. Together with everyone who’s obtained their ticket you get to show how hardstyle took over your body as soon you entered the dome.

4. Not one, but two exclusive acts with 3 The Hard Way
3 the hard way
In the past Hard Bass has surprised her visitors with new and exclusive acts. For example, visitors have witnessed the birth of acts like B-Freqz, Minus Militia, A² All Stars and Freakz At Night. This year b2s surprises their visitors with not one, but two new live-acts. Besides NCBM Hard Bass 2016 will also be the stage for the premier of the mysterious new live-act 3 The Hard Way.

But who is this new act? Unfortunately we can’t tell you much about it right not. As soon as we have more info we’ll let you know immediately!

5. A night filled with incredible laser shows
hard bass lasershows
If you have ever visited Hard Bass before you’ll know that there will be lasers. A lot of lasers! But no matter how often events use them, they never seem to get boring. Especially when it looks like thousands of them jump across your face at the same time. Are you curious? Be sure to check out the video below.

6. De industrial vibe of Hard Bass
industriele sfeer hard bass
Much has been said about the stages of Hard Bass. Without too many bells and whistles b2s succeeds in creating a massive stage each year. They always give the stage a kind of industrial touch, with matches the theme perfectly. This year’s trailer says it all: “After the first wave it was neccessary to go underground. A secret facility, hidden from the rest of the world.” Even though the event itself is massive, b2s successfully maintains a certain underground vibe at Hard Bass.

7. Mean Machine delivers old vs new
mean machine
This year the raw act Mean Machine, consisting of Zany and The Beholder, made its return after a long period of absence. Tracks like “Again We Will Rise” and  “Act of Rage” are still imprinted in the heads of many fans. With their return they also brought new tracks, like “Payday” and “Reloaded”, so visitors of Hard Bass 2016 can expect a mix between both styles. Get ready for 30 minutes of the evolution of raw hardstyle.

8. A varied line-up spread across the entire night
hard bass 2016 line-up
Each year Hard Bass consists of four teams. Each team has three artists that play 90 minutes back to back and one act that plays a 30-minute set. b2s selects the line-up carefully and makes sure that the night offers the full spectrum of hardstyle. Like always, they have succeeded to do so this year. The first team of the night, which will consist of Wildstylez, Coone, Atmozfears and NCBM, will provide the visitors with the best of euphoric hardstyle. Besides new material they will also play some classic bangers.

Team Green with Frontliner, D-Block & S-te-Fan, Hard Driver and Mean Machine form a perfect blend of styles within hardstyle to prepare the visitors for the violence that’s still to come. Before Team Red gets to destroy the remains of the GelreDome with Deetox, Delete, Warface and 3 The Hard Way, Team Yellow will take-over the stage with Radical Redemption, Frequencerz, Digital Punk and Gunz for Hire. Ready to treat the Hard Bass 2016 visitors to a real hardstyle set with balls.

But that’s not all, because it wouldn’t be Hard Bass without the voice of MC DV8. So it’s only natural that he will return on January 23.

9. Massive intro shows
hard bass 2016 1
There’s no better way to describe it. Every team represents a different part of their collective mission and it shows during the intro-shows. Every team has two shows, one for the entire team and one for the live-act. You know what? Just check out the video below if you want to know what we’re talking about, and we promise you won’t be dissapointed.

10. The first big event of 2016
calendar hard bass
Oh yes, Hard Bass is the first big event of the year. That means there is no better way to start your year than to visit the GelreDome on January 23. You can feel the energy coming from the crowd, who are all eager to blast into a new year filled with the best of hardstyle.

Don’t want before it’s too late
Tickets for Hard Bass 2016 are available at http://hardbass.tickets.b2s.nl/. Don’t wait too long, because Hard Bass will sell out soon.

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