Timo van Dommelen
By Timo van Dommelen

Ever since the edition of 2014, Power Hour is one of the rituals that is unmistakably linked with Defqon.1 Weekend Festival. On Saturday, thousands of dedicated Weekend Warriors gather at the Defqon.1 mainstage for an hour full of craziness and mayhem. Every genre that is known within the harder styles will pass by during this hour of insanity. We decided to look back at the last three years of Power Hour and pick out the most memorable and amazing moments. These are the 9 beautiful moments that made it to our list, enjoy.

1. A sea of hardstyle fanatics
This is probably one of the most memorable moments in Defqon.1 history. After last year’s edition, this video went viral in no time and the whole world saw it. MC DV8 and Zany got the entire crowd at the almighty RED stage to stand shoulder to shoulder and to embrace each other. During the track ‘Dikke Vette Bassplaat’ the whole crowd started moving from the left to the right and these shots made from the sky are just amazing. Only at Power Hour.


2. Hardstyle love
We all know the pictures from the wedding that was held in front of the Defqon.1 mainstage in 2013. Hardstyle brings people together and it even creates love. During last year’s Power Hour, a couple came on stage and the young man had a little surprise for his girlfriend. You could see and hear that the guy was very nervous and he had every reason to be. He went down on one knee and asked his girl to marry him in front of thousands of Defqon.1 warriors. We won’t keep you any longer, she said yes and the crowd went absolutely ballistic! A beautiful sight to behold.

3. Villain goes for a ride
Inflatable attributes are a must during Power Hour. Hundreds, if not thousands of beach balls, animals and other air filled objects are thrown in the crowd during the show. During the first edition of Power Hour back in 2014, MC Villain decided to become one with the inflatable madness. He crawled inside a giant bubble and started walking. Well, he tried to walk, across the entire crowd partying their ass off. One thing is for sure, it looked funny as hell.


4. Ultimate crowd surf experience
The enormous Power Hour banner which moves from the front of the the stage all the way to the back is a ritual during Power Hour which comes back every year. In 2015, an enthusiastic visitor decided to climb on top of the banner and crowd surfed with it all the way to the back of the crowd. One might say this is the ultimate crowd surf experience. It sure looked like he was having a good time.


5. Wall of death
Everybody heard of a moshpit, but does everybody know the wall of death? Back in 2015, MC Villain and Marcel (50% of Deepack) divided the crowd in two massive parts, creating a massive blank space in between. It looked like Mozes himself splitted the entire RED stage. When the drop came the crowd became as one again and the images were amazing. One big swirl of partying people who went absolutely crazy.


6. Group photo of the year
At the last two editions of the Power Hour, a group photo was taken with the entire crowd and with the massive stage on the background. Imagine thousands of hardstyle fanatics together in one picture. Well, this is what you get: one fantastic photo of the biggest hardstyle family in the world.

defqon-power-hour7. We want some green green stuff
Like we said before, the Power Hour would not be complete without all of its attributes. At last year’s edition, the track ‘Green Stuff’ by Mr. Puta (Malua remix) was played during this hour of madness. You can probably already guess what happened next. A giant inflatable joint was brought on stage and the people absolutely loved it. A little while later the massive joint was thrown into the crowd, so they could have their way with it. Although some people probably would have prefered a real one instead of the inflatable one…


8. Everything in the air!
The Defqon.1 Power Hour wouldn’t be complete if there wasn’t any crazy interaction with the crowd. A famous way to get the party started is to let everyone in the crowd pick up stuff they can find on the ground around them and then let them toss it in the air all together. A pretty common action at many festivals, but nowhere as big as at Defqon.1 Power Hour. Thousands of bottles, beer holders and inflatable animals flying through the air at the massive RED mainstage, a beautiful sight.


9. Nothing Else Matters
The closing of the Power Hour in 2016 was without a doubt one of the most fantastic and emotional moments in all of Defqon.1’s 15 year history. When all artists gathered on the stage for the final minutes, MC DV8 was given the mic. He started singing ‘Nothing Else Matters’, a track by him and Zany, live on stage and you could feel the crowd become one. Everybody sang along and the entire audience turned into a big hardstyle choir.

This year is the 15th anniversary of Defqon.1 Festival and the Power Hour will be part of the Saturday mainstage line-up for the 4th time. This will without a doubt bring us a lot more memorable moments we will never forget. We can’t wait! Relive all the previous editions of the Defqon.1 Power Hour on Youtube via the following links:

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