Robin van der Kooi
By Robin van der Kooi

Joram Metekohy, better known as the infamous Wildstylez, is one of most iconic artists in the hardstyle scene. Renowned for his massive catalogue of releases, collaborations and his Project One duo, he has been influential in the development of melodic and euphoric hardstyle. He ventures around all corners of the globe to share his music with adoring crowds, headlining the biggest and best festivals in the business.

Most of the time people only get to see the performer who plays their music on stage, however they never really know about the real person behind the scenes. Hard News gets up close and personal with the man who brings smiles to so many people’s faces; thanks for your time Joram.

It’s a pleasure to have you for our first edition of ‘A life behind the music’! How hard (or easy) is it to do other things in life next to your busy career?
I think it’s easy because of my profession. I’m able to arrange my own schedule myself, so it is possible to have a drink or go out for dinner whenever I want.

What studies have you completed and what would you have become when you weren’t a successful DJ?
Joram: I studied engineering but it made me miserable, I didn’t like anything. All I ever wanted to do was make music so I never finished this study. I also studied at the Rock Academy for six months, but that wasn’t my cup of tea either. The only thing I got out of the Academy was my friend Headhunterz.

wildstylez 1
As a successful DJ, you probably notice that many people want to be ‘friends’ with you. Who’s your best friend that you’ve known for years and years and what do you admire about him/her?

Joram: I have a group of friends who I’ve known since high school. The nice thing about this group is if we don’t see each for a long time, it doesn’t matter. We’re always there for each other.

Your roots are in the highly orthodox city of Veenendaal. Are you religious or follow a particular religion? And are you a famous Dutchman in Veenendaal?
Joram: No, I am not raised religious so I don’t have anything to do with it. I hadn’t even attended a religious ceremony. I don’t know if they see me as a famous person, but I know the youngsters recognize me pretty often.

How does your partner describe ‘Joram Metekohy’ in four words? And what is her biggest point of annoyance about you?
Joram: Ambitious, lazy, bon vivant, go-getter. I am lazy when it comes to housekeeping, haha.

In love, engaged or married? And do you think it is hard to live with a successful artist who constantly flies around the whole world?
Joram: I have a girlfriend. Yes, sometimes it is quite hard because I am often abroad or in my studio, so we don’t see each other much.

wildstylez 2
If you could choose one: living an inconspicuous life out of the spotlights for one day OR living as your favorite superstar for one day. Which option would you choose and why?

Joram: I can already live a quite inconspicuous life, but it would be amazing to be Lionel Messi for one day!

They often say DJs are an example towards the society. How do you see this role and what do you do about it or don’t?
Joram: I try to consider it, yes. I don’t smoke during acts, but on the other hand I have a press photo with a cigarette on it, haha. I had to choose whether I should use the great picture or if I should be a good example for society. It is really hard to pay attention to it every time.

What is your favorite track other than hardstyle and what feeling do you get when you listen to this track?
Joram: I don’t have a favorite track actually. At the moment I listen a lot to Skrillex/Jack Ü. I love this enormous ‘fuck you’ attitude. It looks like they are just fiddling with ideas and they really don’t care what people think about it. I would like to have this attitude myself.

Is there something you couldn’t stop laughing about recently and can you tell us more about it?
Joram: I am a fan of Daniël Arends (Dutch comedian). I like his sense of humor!

wildstylez 3
We know you as an artist who sets the bar high for himself. But how or what role do you see yourself in ten years? What more do you hope you would have achieved?

Joram: My goal in about ten years is to perform less on stage and to focus more and more on producing in the studio. Meanwhile I hope I can expand my style even further than it already is at the moment.

If you had to make one big wish, what would it be?
Joram: That I can spend the rest of my life making music. And world peace, haha!

Finally we’re going to ask you for an exciting scoop/novelty/moment of happiness or something the readers don’t know yet. Share it with us!
Joram: I have some practically finished new tracks which sound quite different than most people would expect from me. Be patient!

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