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Listening to hardstyle while working, making your homework or at the beach? There are a lot of different online hardstyle radio stations where you can hear your favorite hardstyle tracks. Here is a list for you:


This is the online hardstyle radio station of Dutch radio station SLAM!FM. The playlist is updated frequently with brand new tracks, but you can also request new tracks. Be sure to check this website once in a while, because SLAM!FM gives away a lot of SLAM!HARDSTYLE CD’s! You can also listen to this radio station through the SLAM!FM application.
Link: www.slamhardstyle.nl

Real Hardstyle Radio

Hear surprising new and old tracks and also request your own favorites? This is what Real Hardstyle Radio is all about. Each day starts with a warm up and from 10:00 to 17:00 you can request you own hardstyle tracks; you will hear them in no time! The evening is filled with shows and livesets which you can download and listen whenever you want.
Link: www.rhr.fm

Q-Dance Radio

What is more hardstyle than Q-Dance? During the day you will hear the best hardstyle tracks of the Q-Dance playlist and on Monday you will hear the well-known The Magic Show podcast. Other well-known shows and podcasts on Q-Dance radio are NEXT (every Monday), We Are The Night Breed (first Thursday of the month), Global Dedication (every third Friday of the month), qult (every first and third Friday of the month) and Unleashed (every second Sunday of the month). Every month will ended with the hardstyle top 40 on the last Friday of the month.
Link: www.radio.q-dance.nl


This hardstyle radio station was launched in early 2013 and is best known for the hardstyle top 2000 they broadcast since 2013 at the end of each year. During one week you hear all 2000 tracks selected by the public via a live stream. There will also be several labels along to run with an exclusive set. The rest of the year you can only listen to tracks selected by RevulsionFM.
Link: www.revulsionfm.com

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