Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

Qlimax wouldn’t be Qlimax if it mysteriously teased something about the upcoming edition. Over the past 2 weeks, many fans have been searching for the various hints about the revealed line-up: however, not all of them have been guessed (or wrong), so we take you into the unraveling of all the hidden signs. “Enter The Void.”

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Seek the Truth

The search for all artists who would be on the Qlimax line-up goes a long way, but luckily there was one common thread. The eye (symbolized with 👁️‍🗨️ or an animated eye in a video) would put you on the right track. You could find these on all Q-dance platforms: from YouTube to even in your own mailbox. “Seek truth into darkness as you Enter the Void.”

Tuesday, August 15 – Deepack

Location: Q-dance Network

In the playlist ‘QLIMAX 2023 I ENTER THE VOID I GET IN THE MOOD’ released on this day, the 20th video was ‘Deepack – The Prophecy’. The track that was released exactly 20 years ago (and is considered one of the most legendary anthems), gave the first hint. When clicking on this video, the eye 👁️‍🗨️ was visible in the description.

Deepack Qlimax 2023 hint

Wednesday, August 16 – Warface

Location: Q-dance Facebook

Deeper in all algorithms, the next hint of the first Qlimax debutant could be found. In the Sziget album on Q-dance’s Facebook page, the eye 👁️‍🗨️ could be found in the description of a photo of Warface.


Thursday, August 17 – TNT

Location TNT: Qlimax Instagram

If there are two Italians who are praised for their kicks on Qlimax, it is Technoboy and Tuneboy. On the third day there is a post on Instagram: a video with the audio played in reverse, so let’s say Reverse The Bass. The caption of this video ‘👁‍🗨 ecnart ni er’uoy won’ was also typed in reverse. Which resulted in the following track: TNT & Ruffneck – Mindcontroller.


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Thursday, August 17 – Villain

Location Villain: Tagged page Qlimax

In the tagged page of Qlimax there was a picture with an eye. When you clicked through, you ended up on the page of ‘hturtehtkees’, or reversed ‘seekthetruth’. Here you could find a huge number of letters in the Qlimaxian – the alphabet of the event. When these were translated, several rows of words came out, but per 7 letters only one letter had the eye 👁️‍🗨️. From this came “SILAUTIRXOV”, or “VOX RITUALIS” which from Latin means “voice of the ritual”. In other words: the MC.

Villain Qlimax hint

Friday, August 18 – Hard Driver

Location Hard Driver: Instagram and Facebook ads

Q-dance even used unexpected advertisements to sell the hints. When scrolling on social media, some saw a video with the eye 👁️‍🗨️ and a poem in Qlimaxian. This translated to:

“Dwell deep within, let us entwine,

Reverberating echoes and visions align.

Invisible threads woven through the sonic streams,

Vivid visions awaken from dormant dreams.

Enter The Void, as I unveil secrets only I can show”

When the first letters of the lines are taken and placed next to each other, DRIVE comes out: which is a hint to the next debutant on Qlimax and a much sought-after artist. Hard Driver will perform at the iconic indoor hardstyle event for the first time.

Hard Driver - Poem

Friday August 18 – B-Front x Phuture Noize

Location B-Front x Phuture Noize: Qlimax email

When B-Front and Phuture Noize share the stage together, something magical happens: just like in the email of Friday, August 18. The eye 👁️‍🗨️ was placed in the title and above the header of the email. When this header was clicked, you were directed to an image where a text could be deciphered in Qlimaxian. This resulted in a website. If you had gone to this website, you would end up with a YouTube video with all kinds of separate shapes. Those who had figured this out correctly, discovered that when all these frames were placed on top of each other, a QR code came out. This linked to ‘B-Front & Phuture Noize – The Paradox’ on Spotify.

Qlimax hint B-Front Phuture Noize 2023

Saturday, August 19 – Devin Wild

Location: Devin Wild live set from Qlimax 2022 on YouTube.

Justice for Devin Wild again. After appearing on the immense stage as one of the Shadow Priests as a surprise act during the online version and last edition, this year he is part of one of the hints that organization Q-dance shared. His set from last year was used on YouTube as a clue: here the thumbnail and description were adjusted to the eye 👁️‍🗨️.

Sunday, August 20 – Deadly Guns

Location: Instagram Story

Your attention was also required on Sunday. The Instagram story opened with the eye 👁️‍🗨️ and in this video letters in Qlimaxian flew back and forth, which resulted in an anagram, namely ANDYDEUSLG. When these were mixed up you ended up with DEADLYGUNS: who can make his first appearance on Qlimax.

Monday August 21 – Brennan Heart presents Blademasterz

Location Blademasterz: Instagram Story and Q-dance Radio

The Blademasterz are still here. Today’s story opened with the eye 👁️ 🗨️. Letters appeared one after the other which translated from Qlimaxian to: “LISTENONELISTENSEVENLISTENZEROLISTZEROLISTENQ-DANCELISTRADIOLIST.”

No sooner said than done. When listening to Q-dance Radio at 17:00, discovered a track called: 👁️‍🗨️-👁️‍🗨️ around 5:20 PM. This song was: Brennan Heart – One-Master-Blade.

Brennan Heart Blademasterz hint

Monday, August 21 – Vertile

Location Vertile: TikTok

Another Shadow Priest that now deserves its real announcement on the Qlimax line-up. An abstract video appeared on TikTok with the eye 👁️‍🗨️ processed and delayed audio. When this video was played at the correct speed, Vertile heard the phrase “They who worship the dark remain often unseen.” This is a reference to the announcement of the Shadow Priests he was part of in 2022.

@q_dance_official♬ original sound – Q-dance

Tuesday, August 22 – Shadow Priests

Location: Instagram Story

At 17:00 a video appeared that opened with the eye 👁️ 🗨️ with the text at high speed. This was: “I follow you all day long, But when the night or rain comes, I am all gone.” A riddle whose answer is ‘shadow’.

Then a second video appeared at 5:30 PM, reading “They whisper prayers of the obscure, tapping into the void’s allure”. This one closed with the eye 👁️ 🗨️. Of these, the answer is “priests.”

Wednesday, August 23 – Showtek

Location: Instagram Story, TikTok and YouTube Shorts

Showtek’s one-off return had to be covered of course. Three videos with different hints appeared on three platforms at the same time. A video emerged on Instagram showing multiple eyes, which then morphed into “15 EE EV ER YT HI N G,” which read as, “I see everything.”

On TikTok, there was a video with the eye 👁️‍🗨️ where the number 15 glitched at various times. On YouTube Shorts there was a video where ‘The truth will 👁️‍🗨️ itself’ could be read in the Qlimaxian. Then the eye 👁️ 🗨️ changed to ‘show’. In other words: “The truth will show itself.”

This led to the following conclusion. Showtek’s last performance was in 2008, 15 years since their last Qlimax. Also, Showtek also posted a video with ’15 years ago’ to confirm the suspicions once again.

showtek @ qlimax 2023 enter the void hint

“A realm of infinite nothingness where darkness brings light, and anything is everything: behold Qlimax Enter the Void”

Qlimax – Enter The Void will be held on Saturday 18 November in Arnhem. The first phase of Qlimax tickets is already completely sold out: the second phase will be available from Saturday 2 September 2023 via the official Q-dance website.

Footage taken from Q-dance


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