Arkadia looks back to a golden period within Hardstyle this Saturday. After a successful first edition, the classics concept now opens the gates of an even larger location in Nijmegen with a unique time period: “With the best (Raw) Hardstyle Classics from 2010 – 2016.”

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This weekend, Arkadia celebrates the years that many festival enthusiasts label as a legendary period. Think of Alpha2 who conquered the dancefloors with ‘Das Weite Land’, Deetox who played ‘Bring The Riot’ in front of an unpacked GelreDome and Crypsis who turned the landscape upside down with ‘Break Down Low’. An era that holds a special place in the heart of many of us.

Arkadia also has this feeling and that is why it is expanding to Waalhalla for this second edition – a location that is no less than 2.5 times as large. “We combine almost all artists with each other”, the organization says about next Saturday’s timetable (one that you will not often encounter). “Each artist can be seen both solo and twice B2B.” This challenges DJs to get the most out of this golden period. “A night into space and sound!”

Timetable Arkadia – Spectrum of Hardstyle

22.30 – 23.15 | Steve Hillens
23.15 – 23.30 | Consequent & Steve Hillens
23.30 – 00.00 | Consequent
00.00 – 00.15 | Consequent & Ecstatic & Ark8
00.15 – 00.45 | Ecstatic & Ark8
00.45 – 01.00 | Ecstatic & Ark8 & Alpha2
01.00 – 01.30 | Alpha2
01.30 – 01.45 | Alpha2 & Jones
01.45 – 02.15 | Jones
02.15 – 02.30 | Jones & Degos & Re-Done
02.30 – 03.00 | Degos & Re-Done
03.00 – 03.15 | Degos & Re-Done & Deetox
03.15 – 03.45 | Deetox
03.45 – 04.00 | Deetox & Crypsis
04.00 – 04.30 | Crypsis
Hosted by MC Activate

Both the older and the new classics will be discussed and the stage will also be 4 times larger than last year: full of new show elements. “We are going to work with a visual experience, in a location where hardstyle has never been done before.”

“Please proceed to gate 150 and gear up for a journey through old and newer hardstyle classics (2010-2016)”

Arkadia takes place this Saturday in Waalhalla in Nijmegen. For tickets and more information, visit the event’s official website. “Are you ready for take off?”


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