Wouter de Vink
By Wouter de Vink

D-Sturb comes with a new live-act called Welcome to my Playground. With many upgrades and 6 shows on his schedule, it’s up to the End of Line DJ to push the limits within these different themes.

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The word is finally out and the rumors are true: D-Sturb is giving a sequel to his successful The Next Level concept. A remarkable series of shows at the biggest stages around the world, such as Intents Festival, Reverze and Midnight Mafia, and ending with his own solo event.

In a completely new costume, Welcome to my Playground consists of the 6 themes of IMPACT, FLOW, DISRUPTION, STORY, MOMENTUM and LIMITLESS. Each one has its own atmosphere and needs to be translated into a new track – the premiere of which will take place at specific shows that have yet to be announced. “Let me introduce the playgrounds.”

Playground 01: IMPACT (TBA)
Playground 02: FLOW (TBA)
Playground 03: DISRUPTION (TBA)
Playground 04: STORY (TBA)
Playground 05: MOMENTUM (TBA)
Playground 06: LIMITLESS (TBA)

So you have to attend D-Sturb’s live performance to hear the new Welcome to my Playground tracks for the first time. Each playground will also have its own limited edition of merchandise.

D-Sturb goes global with Welcome to my Playground: “The game will commence”

Where D-Sturb will perform with this exclusive live-act is not yet known. However, on Monday the 20th of February, it will be announced where the debut of Welcome to my Playground will take place. “Welcome back, D-Sturb!”

Footage taken from Facebook page D-Sturb

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