Degos & Re-Done

  • Name Peter Damen & Thijs de Heer
  • Country The Netherlands
  • Birthday October 1 & October 6
  • Label Nightbreed
  • Bookings Make You Dance
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The first releases at Theracords including “Warrior”, “Outside The Box” and ‘’ Take A Trip’’ promised something good for the future of Degos & Re-Done. And that is a fact today. By putting many hours into their studio work, they developed their own unique sound.

In 2013, this resulted in tracks like “Nothing Is What It Seems”, and ‘’Connected’’ which caused a breakthrough for their career. But of course that didn’t keep them from raising the bar, so they created more big floorfillers like “This Mind”, “Drugs Of Choice”, “And There Was Chaos” and “Dark Times”.

And of course you already know of their “Hele Meneer” Bootleg, which can be described in just two words: best heftig!

In September 2016 the guys made a new step in their career and joined Nightbreed Records. The first track they released on Nightbreed Records was an instant banger and goes by the name of ‘Die Slowly’.