Wasted Penguinz

  • Name Pontuz Bergman & Jon Brandt-Cederhäll
  • Country Sweden
  • Birthday September 5 & September 19
  • Label Dirty Workz
  • Bookings Platinum Agency
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Both Pontuz and Jon have been in the business for a few years, but it was in the year 2006 they first met each other and they hit it off spot on. Thinking along the same lines, their co-operation methods worked out perfectly. They’re not only producer-partners but also best friends. Pontuz was already into the hardstyle but for Jon this was something new and interesting. Wasted Penguinz was born sometime during 2008.

As they were improving their productions together, they got more knowledge of the hardstyle music itself. In 2009 the time had come to take the next step. Sending some of their tracks to various labels they got an answer from a smaller label called Bazz Implant Recordings. Their first release called ‘A Next Generation’ was a fact and got picked up by the bigger names in the scene. Not long after, the biggest hardstyle label in the world, Scantraxx Recordz, recognized their talent and signed the Wasted Penguinz. In 2010 the first two Wasted Penguinz were released on Scantraxx Silver 015 ‘Anxiety’ and ‘I’m Free’ where released. Their upcoming release ‘Hate Mondayz’ and ‘Resistance’ is about to be released on Scantraxx Silver 019.

Their main focus is to bring you some high quality releases and let the world become infected by the Wasted Penguinz sound. Just Get Wasted and Do It!

In 2014, they signed to Belgian label Dirty Workz!