Juno Coolen
By Juno Coolen

A photo appeared on the official Facebook of Rebourne with him and the Swedish guys of the Wasted Penguinz in the studio together. Afterwards, the gents of Sweden posted a small teaser of the track. The collaboration is not surprising. They’ve already made three collabs together. The tracks ‘Fuck Yeah!’, ‘Univerze’ & ‘Sorrow’ show how a similar collab would be. We are curious of what they’ll come up with!

Wasted Penguinz will release their second album called Clarity after Wistfulness on the 28th of November. The new collaboration with Rebourne will not be on the album, because the collab will come somewhere in 2017. It is notable that Clarity will consist mostly of solo tracks. The only collaboration on the album is a track with Crisis Era called ‘Take Me Away’. The track is already available online.

Timon van Merriënboer, or Rebourne, knows how to create a beautiful storyline in his tracks by means of atmospheric elements just like Wasted Penguinz does. The name ‘Rebourne’ reminds people of melodies and euphoric hardstyle. His unique style is one to remember.

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