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It took quite some time, but the anthem creator of Qlimax 2015 has finally been revealed. Ever since the beginning of the trailer release people have been speculating about which artist received the honour this year.

There have been multiple hints indicating it would be Atmozfears, like the fact that he was the only artist visible in the trailer. But today we finally received the news. Q-dance sent out the first info regarding the Qlimax 2015 CD, and it contained the following press message:

“Qlimax. We’ve been looking forward to it for the entire year. We’ll make sure you get in the party mood by releasing the official Qlimax compilation on November 20th The compilation is mixed by multi talent: Atmozfears who is also responsible for this years’ anthem: Equilibrium.

The compilation contains a lot of new material from the likes of Gunz for Hire, D-Block & S-te-Fan, Brennan Heart, Audiotricz and many more. This years’ summer hits; Noisecontrollers & Bass Modulators – Solar and Release from Atmozfears are also present on this compilation. One mix with a sublime build-up which perfectly reflects the musical flow of Qlimax.”

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So Atmozfears is not only responsible for this year’s anthem, he will also mix the Qlimax 2015 CD. A cherry on top of the cake which represent the milestones he achieved in the past year. Besides the fact that he played at almost every Q-dance event this year, he has also produced the Weekend Anthem of Decibel Outdoor.

The news reaches us at the perfect moment, because it’s also Atmozfears’ birthday today. Happy birthday Tim! We hope the preview will be online soon.

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