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Euphoric hardstyle is undergoing a huge resurrection and is getting the attention it deserves at WiSH Outdoor. Adrenalize, Galactixx, Audiotricz and Atmozfears form State of Euphoria especially for this occasion: “A 2-hour showcase with all the best euphoric records on the main stage.”

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According to many, they should be more euphoric hardstyle – the subgenre that has faced major competition from harder music movements. Fortunately, it is on the rise again and four big names are here to make a statement with State of Euphoria: a formation with the biggest names of recent years in combination with a great show on the Dedicated – the beautiful mainstage of WiSH Outdoor.

“Euphoric hardstyle is slowly becoming more ‘relevant’ again”

“This will be the first time the five of us will perform,” Adrenalize begins to say. On the Saturday of WiSH Outdoor, he and his colleagues will show what euphoric hardstyle really stands for. “We are good friends and have supported each other’s music for years. But what makes it unique is that we share the love for melodies and the euphoric feeling. We go completely through our back catalogs to new (unreleased) music and everything in between – featuring some of the most important and iconic songs from the melodic genre.”

state of euphoria @ wish outdoor 2024

Galactixx is also really looking forward to the State of Euphoria set: “This is more than a normal B2B, and because of the many collabs we have with each other, I expect a wonderful vibe behind the decks. The name says it all, but this set is completely dedicated to the euphoric hits.” Also, he has a very positive outlook on the future of the music style. “People are ready again, and you can feel that!”

Audiotricz agrees. “State of Euphoria distinguishes itself by the combination of artists and even though we are all ‘Euphoric’ acts, everyone has their own sound,” the duo explains. Partly thanks to the success of Progressive Hardstyle, they look to the future of euphoric hardstyle with great confidence. “This will continue to evolve just like any other genre. We have seen strong growth in both the popularity and diversity of the genre in recent months and we are very happy (and proud of that)!”

WiSH Outdoor puts euphoric hardstyle in the well-deserved spotlight

The organization of WiSH Outdoor also believes it is important to give the genre extra attention. “We want to prove at WiSH Outdoor that euphoric hardstyle is anything but less popular,” the festival explains. “By putting together a formation with the biggest names of recent years, we are putting on a special 2-hour showcase featuring all the best euphoric records. We are also going to invest in it in terms of show and we really want to make something special out of this. Just like before, dancing in the sun, enjoying that real euphoric feeling at the mainstage.”

Atmozfears continues to ask why State of Euphoria is so unique: “We all have our own sound in euphoric hardstyle, and have never been able to represent it all together… That’s why you can expect the entire spectrum of euphoric hardstyle from us. “ He keeps a close eye on the development of euphoric hardstyle (as always). “I see a trend taking place where people secretly want a little more depth in music. That fits perfectly up our alley.”

If you are a fan of (euphoric) hardstyle, then you can get ready for State of Euphoria. Adrenalize, Galactixx, Audiotricz and Atmozfears will enter the impressive Dedicated main stage together from 15:00 to 17:00: get the last tickets for WiSH Outdoor in Beek en Donk via the official website.


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