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By Sharon van der Werf

He managed to sell out the small area of the 013 in Tilburg in one and a half minutes with his own event, Melodic Madness. The event has now received a deserved upgrade to the main area – which is now also completely sold out. In a new episode of PLAFONDDIENST we go into depth with none other than Jay Reeve.

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If it were up to Jay Reeve, 2024 will be the year of euphoric hardstyle. However, he does believe that we should treat the genre more as a niche. “We also did that with raw hardstyle when it emerged in 2012. Back then you had smaller stages for raw artists at all the bigger festivals.”

Jay Reeve sees this trend returning to festivals, but with euphoric artists and their music. “I think festivals can provide space for euphoric hardstyle to grow again by adding euphoric areas to the line-up.” According to the Melodic Madness DJ, these should be smaller stages, because it is easier to create a more intimate atmosphere. “That’s often more fun with this type of music.”

Jay Reeve: “If you perform later, it is easier to build a bond with the audience and reminisce”

An additional advantage of adding a euphoric area to a festival is that euphoric artists can get a better spot than, for example, opening a main stage. “It looks cool on the poster, your name on the main stage, but if I look at it from my own perspective, it is very difficult to prove yourself as an artist during these hours.”

Jay Reeve refers to the fact that during the first hours of the party people are often still hanging up their coats and collecting coins. “If you play at a later time slot, people are simply more comfortable. It makes it easier to build a bond with each other and reminisce.”


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Jay Reeve also sees advantages for fans of euphoric hardstyle. “I can imagine that they would rather not buy an expensive ticket for a large festival if they can only enjoy two or three hours of music at the beginning. By adding euphoric areas to festivals, everyone can hear something they like at any time of the day.”

Jay Reeve in a new episode of PLAFONDDIENST – The Hardstyle Podcast

In the latest episode of PLAFONDDIENST – The Hardstyle Podcast, Jay Reeve talks extensively about his own party in the 013 in Tilburg, Melodic Madness. The tickets for this party are sold out, but in the podcast we are giving away the very last tickets. You can now listen to the entire episode on YouTube or your favorite podcast platform.

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