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By Sharon van der Werf

He is one of the founders of hardstyle and he ensures that every year countless people go from LEFT LEFT LEFT to RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT. In a brand new episode of PLAFONDDIENST – The Hardstyle Podcast, Zany talks extensively about his 25 years in the profession, because such a milestone should not go unnoticed.

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In 2008 Zany released his album The Fusion Of Sound – an album that turned the hardstyle world upside down. Some even claim that no album has been released since this time that offers more variety. Zany himself also believes that there should be more variation in current hardstyle. “I think the music that is being produced now is much too loud.”

“Music from 2005 to 2015 remains hardstyle for me”

Zany himself was recently in the studio with The R3belz, from which the track ‘Miracles‘ emerged. This track, which focuses on the early hardstyle sound, leaves Zany wanting more. “This is certainly not the last track I will release with this sound. Music from 2005 to 2015 remains hardstyle for me, it just has to come back.”

According to him, the atmosphere that the music from that period brings is clearly present at early hardstyle parties such as Vroeger Was Alles Beter.“How cool does everyone think such a party is?! Everyone always loves it there, so why aren’t records like that made anymore? Nowadays it just has to be harder and harder. The youth will think that’s cool, and that’s fine, but I personally don’t feel it.”

Zany thinks that the characteristic sound of early hardstyle will soon reappear, but in a different form. “I definitely think that melodies will come back, but then melodies with balls. I think people are seriously waiting for that.”

Zany in a new episode of PLAFONDDIENST – The Hardstyle Podcast

In a brand new episode of PLAFONDDIENST – The Hardstyle Podcast, Zany talks extensively about his 25 years in the profession. This will be celebrated extensively on December 16, 2023 with the ZANY – TWNTYFV’ event in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven. You can get tickets via the official website. Curious about the entire episode? Listen to PLAFONDDIENST now on your favorite podcast platform.

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  • General 04 December 2023 - 01:43

    It’s weird what Zany writes because Hardstyle is well defined. A straight edge version of hard house. It was already a thing in the 1990’s. At least in UK. I don’t really understand him.

    Is he talking about Heavy Dance (“Nu-Style”) ? It’s well defined too. That thing that started in the 2000’s. It has its roots from 1990’s Euro Dance. It keeps the cinematic part that Euro Dance tracks had sometimes, with comprehensible vocals and nice melodies. But it has the 2000’s heavy and tonal kickdrums. People started to call that Euphoric, Rawphoric or even Gym Hardstyle instead of Heavy Dance. People like Heavy Dance. There are still a lot of Heavy Dance tracks being released every months.

    He should be fine with Hard EDM too. It’s the nowadays main trend, especially with the new audience. The Xtra Hard EDM branch is popular but it’s not louder than Heavy Dance. LUFS are similar. Producers like to mix different styles too. The diversity is nice nowadays.


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